Step-by-Step: How to Get Started

1. Give DMT Foam a call today, or send us an email and we will walk you through the process of sealing and insulating your home.

2. DMT Foam generally starts with a brief discussion about what your primary concerns are about the building you occupy, and how we can improve efficiency, indoor air quality, reduce ice dams, help avoid moisture and molds problems, dampen sound, and improve comfort.

3. DMT Foam will come to your home for a free estimate. We will take measurements of your attic, basement, and other areas to receive insulation, and educate you on vulnerable areas of your home to air leakage, thermal bridging, and moisture infiltration.

4. DMT Foam will discuss available rebates with you and how you can go about receiving them.

6. DMT Foam will schedule a date for application with you. Because of the nature of spray foam and the fact that it sticks so well, you generally want to vacate the building while the spraying is being performed. We will protect your surfaces and belongings from over spray and any related odors will dissipate quickly, generally within 24 hours. These are non-toxic and not harmful. The primary reason you will see our technicians in respirators is to keep all those tiny little bits of foam that shoot off the sprayer, and float in the air for a few minutes, out of the applicator’s mouth and nose. Once the foam is installed and cured, you can start enjoying the comfort and watching your heating and cooling bills drop by 20-40%.

7. DMT Foam will discuss payment options with you and ensure that you have all necessary paperwork to file for applicable rebates. We also encourage you to stop in to see the application of the spray foam insulation and bring a few friends along as well. We will provide all necessary safety gear, as we pride ourselves in a safe and clean jobsite. We want you to save energy and be happy. We also want you to tell your friends, neighbors, family and colleagues about the benefits of having DMT Foam make your home the most comfortable, most efficient, and most green home on the block.